Windows Hacks

Change Windows-7 Password Without Current Password


In windows-7 you can change the password of current logged-in account without knowing the current password. Thus you can prevent the user, who protects the account with password, from accessing that account. i.e you can hack into their account. It is easily possible by few commands in windows.

How to Change Windows 7 Password without Knowing Current Password.? 

1.Open Command prompt with administrator privileges.  (i.e type cmd on start menu, right click on it and select ‘Run as Administrator‘.).





2.In the CMD( Command prompt) window type the following command and hit Enter

net user  Account-Name  Your-New-Password

3.Now if everything goes alright  you will see “The command completed successfully” on your screen, now type exit command and hit Enter

eg: net user myacc 1234
This command changes the password of my account ‘myacc’ to 1234 without knowing my current password.

It is publishing here to aware you and to take care of such problems in future. If we aware of the methods and ways of being  hacked, we can prevent it. It is the key word of ‘ETHICAL HACKING’.

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