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An Introduction to Web Workers

Overview Browsers use single thread for JavaScript and UI. So synchronous JavaScript calls will block this thread, thus rendering will be blocked. For example, if our website needs to do UI events, fetch and process large amount of API data and manipulate DOM. It is not possible do all these simultaneously since the script execution … Continue reading


Flow – A Static Type Checker for JavaScript from Facebook

Facebook launches a new JavaScript static type checker, designed to find type errors in JavaScript programs. Check Official site As its documentation says, “The goal of Flow is to find errors in JavaScript code with little programmer effort. Flow relies heavily on type inference to find type errors even when the program has not … Continue reading

Linux / Ubuntu

Enable and Disable Root Account in Ubuntu

By Default, Root account is disabled in ubuntu. Instead, users are advised to make use of a tool by the name of sudo to carry out system administrative duties. Sudo allows an authorized user to temporarily elevate their privileges using their own password instead of having to know the password belonging to the root account. Enable root account if you … Continue reading

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Remove windows.old folder after upgrade

If you upgrade to windows 8 from previous version instead of new installation, files that were used in previous version is kept inside windows.old folder. This folder have large size and waste your disk space(usually more than 6 GB). If you are confident with current installation, you can remove this folder. Normal delete wouldn’t help … Continue reading

Technologies / Windows / Windows Hacks

Windows 8 Built-in Time Machine Backup

Windows 8 Buit-in Time Machine Backup Reblogged Post from “We sometimes forget with all the focus on Windows 8′s new “Modern” interface, but Windows 8 has a variety of great desktop improvements. One of them is File History, a built-in backup feature that functions similarly to Apple’s much-loved Time Machine. Enable the Windows 8 “time … Continue reading