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Facebook Page Tab (App) Tutorial

You can integrate custom pages in to your facebook pages via Page Tab Applications. This post will explain how to create a facebook page tab application.

safeeronline page tab tutorial facebook1.Create a Facebook App.

Go to https://developers.facebook.com/apps and choose  ‘create new app’.

safeeronline.wordpress.com facebook page tab

Add a valid app name and details.safeeronline.wordpress.com

Provide Remaining Details. You can use app whether in sandbox mode or not. If you enable sandbox mode page tab only visible to app developers. If you want to make it public disable sandbox mode. You can do it later by editing app.

safeeronline.wordpress.com page tab tutorial facebook

2.Configure Page Tab 

Select ‘Page Tab’ under App (‘Select how your app integrates with Facebook’). And give your custom page url. Both ‘Page Tab Url’ and ‘Secure Page Tab Url’. Select Image to display. (Resolution must be as specified as in the upload dialog box, usually 111×74 px). And select the page width.

page tab tutorial facebook safeeronline

And select the page width. Page width layout is shown below.

page tab tutorial facebook safeeronline

And Save Changes. Now Page Tab app is created. Then We have to integrate it into our page.

3.Add App to Facebook Page.

Use the URL redirect to add app to your facebook Page. Note your app id for this.


app_id is Your app’s unique identifier. Required. 
redirect_uri is The URL to redirect to after a person clicks a button on the dialog. Required when using URL redirection.use this parameter http://facebook.com if you dont want to redirect

Then you redirected to a page with this dialog

safeeronlineSelect the page. Now Page Tab integration is complete.

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