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Review: Apple’s iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iOS 7


For all the ways in which the world of technology changes at a breakneck pace, there are plenty of respects in which it hardly seems to change at all. Here’s one: There’s never a shortage of people who are absolutely positive that Apple must do something right away — usually involving adding a feature or hitting a price point — to avoid being rendered irrelevant by the rest of the industry.

Here’s another: Apple seems to take active pleasure in ignoring those people. While it sometimes does stuff in the general ballpark of addressing the competitive issues at hand, it does so on its own timetable, and usually not in the exact fashion the chorus of experts insists is absolutely necessary.

Long ago, the theory emerged that Apple needed to offer not an iPhone but iPhones — multiple models, including a budget-priced version. The theory turned into a rumor that…

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